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Some have asked if Putin will be featured in this comic riding a bear.

The answer is, “Yes!”Putin on RoboBear

Saving Snowden: The Voluntaryists versus The NSA INDIEGOGO NOW LIVE!

Saving Snowden The Voluntaryists Comic Promo with Text
Hello friends! I am excited to announce that the next Voluntaryist comic campaign is now live! Saving Snowden: The Voluntaryists versus The NSA is the next issue out and it’s bringing to light the intensive global government spying perpetrated by the prying NSA.

Hop on over to the campaign page to help bring this next comic to life!

Thank you for continuing to stand for liberty. I’m more excited than ever to bring the message of true freedom into new mediums!


Heroes: Ignited Crossover Cover with Vountaryist by Short Fuse Media Group, LLC

The talented comic production team at Short Fuse Media Group, LLC. that has done amazing work on our colors and letters for the last few issues is putting together an amazing cross-over issue with some of its other titles! I am excited to see the final results and I think you will be too! Stay tuned for updates on the release! -J

Heroes Ignited Short Fuse Media Group

The Voluntaryists versus the TSA – Print Copy Purchase Now Up

Hello friends!

I am excited to let you know that the print copy purchase option is now live for The Voluntaryists versus the TSA! Click HERE to get your copy of the latest issue! Thank you again for helping to bring this new storyline to life.

Comic Advertisement Voluntaryists Versus the TSA 200x300


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