What does it mean to be truly free?


Where did the concept for “Voluntaryist” come from?

The idea stemmed from an inspiration while on a summer internship. One night, J envisioned a team of real-life super-humans who go around waking up people to voluntaryist values. The premise of the comic developed naturally from this project and he began to consider what a comic of such characters could look like if modified for traditional superhero genre. After writing a few scripts and making a few sketches, J sought out artists to help make the comic a reality and “Voluntaryist – the Comic Series” was the result.

What is the premise of “Voluntaryist?”

The premise of the Voluntaryist comic is the tale of a superhuman hero trying to rescue his parents from the government as the government tries to enslave humanity under the banner of a “false flag” event.  The hero must balance fighting the government, fighting monsters, and fighting other super-beings who the government has enlisted while trying to accomplish his rescue mission.

The short explanation of the backstory is that a black-hole collision in space caused cosmic energy to reel to earth, mutating the genes of many humans and creatures. This mutation resulted in special powers and abilities for those who survived the impact of the energy itself.

Before this cosmic event, the government was planning to use genetically modified humans for a “false flag” to say aliens invaded, forcing the public under a police state due to national emergency protocol. The black-hole event changes the way the government was planning to carry out its scheme as they now have to deal with unanticipated creatures and superhumans.

Voluntaryist has help along the way, including a defector from the government’s black ops, an engineering friend from college, and other superhumans who are created by the energy.

The comic series is unique in that it touches upon real-life scenarios to highlight the misdeeds of government in our time and explore the question, “What does it mean to be truly free?”

What is “Voluntaryism?”

Voluntaryism is the philosophy of maximizing consent and minimizing the initiation of force. Voluntaryism at its core is the idea that one should be able to act as long as one doesn’t physically hurt others and only uses as much force as is needed to stop impending harms. It is based on something called “The Non-Aggression Principle” or the “N.A.P.” for short. In a lot of ways, it mimics the golden rule. For a more complete understanding, visit The Voluntaryist Association.

What is the plan for the comic series launch?

J has funded the comic through the loyal support of fans and friends. The plan is to get the origins story into a graphic novel with subsequent tales in comic form. Eventually, J would like to have an animated short series produced for Voluntaryist.

Why should I read “Voluntaryist?”

The comic is worth reading for many reasons, but there is one reason that makes it stand out from any current main-stream production: It actually addresses government abuses. Many comics which have libertarian/anarchist themes only promote so subliminally. This comic series directly incorporates the growing abuses of government into its storyline to highlight the coming dystopian future in America and around the globe. The comic thus serves as an inspiration and warning to address the police state before it’s too late.

How does a hero fighting monsters, villains, and government, address “Voluntaryism?”

The promotion of voluntaryist values is a development of the series which is seen in the language of the main character and in the narratives. It comes across especially where the hero defends innocent people from being victimized for victimless activity.

How can I support the Voluntaryist Comic Series?

You can see live progress of the comic book production and support future comics through Subscribestar: https://www.subscribestar.com/voluntaryist

You can also get past issues at Indyplanet.

What is the Voluntaryist comic book order?

The comic book universe has two sections currently: FUTUREVERSE and the CANON STORY LINE. The FUTUREVERSE is a series of short prototypes made to help envision the the characters and story. They are more for entertainment/fan service.

The main story starts with Origins and continues chronologically.

Voluntaryist No. 1 Special
The Voluntaryists versus Statist Zombies
The Voluntaryists versus the TSA (Short in No. 1 Special)
The Voluntaryists vs. The NSA 1
The Voluntaryists vs. The NSA 2

Voluntaryist Origins III (COMING SOON)

2 responses

  1. ronin

    I’d be interested in writing for The Voluntaryist series, and having read comics, studied history, and maintained an eye on current events since the 1970’s, I hope to bring a long perspective on the current events of our time through that historical perspective. This is an excellent platform to educate and awaken youth, in a simple format, and to reach out to an adult audience as well who may just be awakening to the threats against our freedoms and essential liberties. I can write for the format, and still convey a lot in simple language. This comic is a unique idea, and a powerful way to illustrate and educate others regarding the ideas of voluntaryism.

    May 6, 2021 at 10:33 am

    • Awesome! Excited to see what you end up creating.

      May 6, 2021 at 1:55 pm

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