The No. 1 Libertarian Comic Universe in Print


A BRIEF summary of the Voluntaryist story.

“Voluntaryist” is the tale of a superhuman hero who finds himself pitted against the government as the government tries to enslave humanity once and for all.  He is a young man with extraordinary powers created through a chance encounter with cosmic radiation. His personal mission is to rescue his parents from government agents, but that objective is often frustrated with the likes of giant monsters, super-villains, and even the U.S. armed forces.

The story is centered around a young man named Jack Lloyd who is, in disguise, Voluntaryist. The series begins when Jack graduates from undergrad with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is a smart guy, but worked hard to get through school. His parents live on a farm and raise organic foods which they sell to local markets. Jack comes home after college to help his family for a short time so his father can recover from a hip surgery.

During the time home, Jack’s father and mother battle an eminent domain issue. The local government tries to take the family farm to use for economic development and possibly as a source for new fuel extraction. Jack’s father does not like government generally, and this is seen as leaving hints of impressions upon his son. Jack’s father refuses to sell the land and the government prepares to remove the Lloyd family with a court order.

While helping at the farm, Jack is struck by energy which radiates from a black-hole collision. The energy shoots in various spots across the globe, causing humans and creatures who survive the impact to mutate with certain powers.

Jack gains many powers which grow over time as his condition sets in. He develops an enhanced healing ability, increasing super-strength, flight, and the power to channel cosmic radiation into energy beams. He also has the ability to heal others, but it comes at a temporary reduction of powers which gradually return in a short time (meaning it leaves him more vulnerable).

At the time of the collision, the U.S. Government was monitoring space so it could find every person and creature affected to use in experiments for its own power.

When Jack is found by the government, they are not sure what powers he has. They know from their own experiments some potential for mutation, but nothing quite as successful as Jack. Government agents want Jack to come willingly, so secret military forces bring him to a secret holding facility to gather more information and run some medical tests. When the government detains and debriefs Jack, he quickly becomes disillusioned with the government’s plans for him and Jack breaks free, powerfully bursting out the doors holding him captive.

He is rescued by Mack Lee, a black-ops agent defector. Mack Lee was one of the government’s best agents who was about to become a super-agent – an agent who acts as a field supervisor for other black-ops. While Mack is on mission to kill a Chinese spy and collect data, he discovers the plot of the U.S. government to completely enslave America. The U.S. government’s plan was to make a false-flag alien invasion by presenting genetically modified humans as aliens and deceiving the world, minus collaborating governments, to unite against a common enemy. The U.S. government would then institute martial law. In the process of learning this on his mission, Mack also learns about the government’s radiation experiments and intercepts communication about Jack. Mack uses this knowledge to rescue Jack from the government’s pursuit when Jack flees.

Mack takes Jack to a secret hideout and explains everything. Jack is grieved by how wickedly the government operates and desperately wants to find his parents, who are taken captive post Jack’s escape. Mack shows Jack video of Jack’s house on fire in newscast about a gas leak. It is unclear whether Jack’s parents were murdered or taken as leverage. This mystery is one of many that unfolds over the course of the story.


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