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The Voluntaryists are committed to living by a code of ethics whereby they maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence. While they try to live as peacefully as possible, they do enact self defense for themselves and on behalf of others who consent to it. For more on the foundations of Voluntaryist ethics, please read: Voluntaryism as an Ethical Adoption

Voluntaryist Engagement: Code of Conduct

The Voluntaryists strive to maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence. Because of this, they will do their best to not kill any enemy if they do not have to. However, they do not see killing in self defense as a moral or ethical harm in itself. A statist, whether human or transformed, who is attempting to use lethal force against the Voluntaryists or murder an innocent, is subject to lethal force. The Voluntaryists do not wish to create a culture of revenge though and, thus, will do their best to avoid engaging with defense or offense against humans that will likely lead to death.

The Voluntaryists do keep in mind though that they do not know the full extent of their own powers or the extent of the enemy’s willingness to push the offensive envelope. Because of this, the Voluntaryists are willing to put forward highly destructive tactics if the enemy’s offense requires it.