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More Mock-Up Storyboarding Art

Another mock-up storyboarding item. These pieces are used to help guide the project. (The final pieces are created by Rob Dumo.)

Voluntaryist High Energy Beam Shot

Voluntaryist High Energy Beam Shot

New Promo Video

Voluntaryist Video Screen Shot

Just a cool little promo video we posted on our Youtube.

Storyboarding Piece.

Voluntaryist Demo Energy

Just a little mock-up storyboarding piece to tease you with. It is a demo of the main character making an energy blast.

Voluntaryist Demo Energy

Voluntaryist Demo Energy

A fun mock-up image.

Voluntaryist In Space

This is not from the comic itself. It’s just a little fun I had in Photoshop with Theenc’s logo. It’s pretty cool!

( :

Voluntaryist In Space

Voluntaryist In Space

Non-Comic Perks Have Been Shipped!

Hello every one!

Good news! Non-comic perks were shipped out. (Stickers, Prints, Photos etc.) So you should be receiving those in the mail in upcoming weeks.

From what I understand, the t-shirts were also sent out by Meg McLain and some people have already received them.

Also, there is an update coming soon with the release of the “Suit Saga” and entire backstory on .pdf.

Thank you for staying tuned!

In liberty,

-V (J)