What does it mean to be truly free?


Accelerator Gear Square

Generations Helmet

ACCELERATOR GEAR: A headpiece invented by Vollemur to accelerate Generations power for humans. It permits the wearer to advance to a maximum state of P6 power during use and the wearer can also increase power with practice. Noticeable benefits can include advanced healing powers, increased strength and stamina, and energy propulsion.

BLACK HOLE RADIATION EVENT: The cosmic event that caused humans and other creatures on earth to mutate and transform into super-beings. The collision of 2 black holes sent energy to Earth on the heels of gravitational disruption, forever changing the world as we know it.

DHS: Department of Homefront Safety. The government umbrella group charged with monitoring super-beings and preparing soldiers for an onslaught against the Voluntaryists.

GARPA: Government Advanced Researched Projects Agency. The government’s secret weapons research division. Stape is a senior manager in the high-tech futures branch of GARPA.

GENERATIONS (Gs): A measure of power based on the average increase in human energy strength in each generation that lives in a world of Voluntaryist norms. When humans begin to maximize consent and minimize the initiation of violence, the evolution of human dexterity, healing, and abnormal abilities manifests. Within 10 generations (10G power), humans attain an average strength ability of peak human strength and a healing factor 10x the speed of the first generation.   This metric is also used to describe the ability level of super-human characters.

Voluntaryist Power Dynamics Chart

KOINTETRAU: The government’s infiltration program against liberty activist groups.

METALLATE: The government’s top-secret weapons material that is used to enhance armor and cudgel offensives. Also used alongside other super-metal, Tinimitanium.

P6: Abbreviation for the Pineal 6th, the part of the brain that acts as a sixth sense among humans, increasing a level of telepathic empathy and understanding that fosters voluntary living.

PLASMA TUNNELING: The use of plasma energy to create energy tubes for hyper-speed travel on earth and in space.

QUANTUM SKIRR: The use of plasma energy to bend space-time.

Mask of Spooner

SPONTANEOUS ORDER: The name of a loose organization of hackers who work together to undermine the government’s plans and help the Voluntaryists. They will often don masks of Frederic Bastiat and Lysander Spooner to show solidarity.

STANOS: Nanobots used by the government to help condition artificial mutation in its experimental programs.

STATISTS: The name of the government super-beings who try to attack and foil the plans of the Voluntaryists.

TSA: Transportation Safety Administration. The government’s compliance branch for ensuring an obedient populace.

VOLLOW: The name of the secret underground Voluntaryist base headquarters.

Volroy Demo

VOLROY: The name of the Voluntaryist jet used for covert movements.

VOLUNTARYIST ASSOCIATION: The organized Voluntaryist association of transformed individuals working together to preserve liberty.


Voluntaryist Association Membership Logo

V-SUIT: The name of the supersuit material developed by Vollemur to accommodate the superpowers of the Voluntayrist heroes.

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