What does it mean to be truly free?

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Thank you to every one for making this project possible by giving your time, money, and Facebook wall spaces.

There are only a few short days left, so now is the time to jump on board!

To give you a sense of what we have accomplished so far, take a look at the stats from our page, http://indiegogo.com/volcomic:

STATS AS OF 11/14/12

Visitors 2,352
Views 5,645
Funders 47
Contributions $2,405
Favorites 45
Referrals* 195

THAT IS AN INCREDIBLE FEAT! CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF – WE HAVE ONE OF THE MOST “LIKED” PROJECTS ON INDIEGOGO. And, to top it off, the Voluntaryist Comic Project has been on the front of the comics section of indiegogo for several weeks – which means that people who have never heard of Voluntaryism before just got ambushed with the wonderful idea called the “Non-Aggression principle!” ( :

So again, if you were ever on the edge about when to support, THE TIME IS NOW! Once the campaign closes, that will dictate the amount of pages which will be in the comic. Hopefully, we will at least hit the $2,700 mark which should allow us to create 12 pages. (1 Cover, 11 interior comic pages and 1 banner-ad page.)

Thank you for standing for liberty friends,