What does it mean to be truly free?

Saving Snowden: The Voluntaryists versus the NSA Campaign Ends This Month

Snowden Smashing NSA Facebook Banner for Website

CAMPAIGN LINK: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/saving-snowden-the-voluntaryists-versus-the-nsa/x/952007#/updates

Hello friends!

We have done an amazing job so far! Right now, our campaign has been shared over 2,800 times on social media and we have raised over $1,200! Outstanding work! We have just a few weeks left to go now, so, if you would, please take the time each week to share the campaign and let others know about our goal! The best way to reach out is if we do it together, and that means sharing the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, or in conversation with friends!

Let’s make this the most memorable issue yet as we take on a subject that is happening right now as you read this! (This message has probably already been sucked into the NSA’s Tempora and XKeyscore system.)

Together – we can tackle the NSA and raise awareness about government spying!

Thank you in liberty!


P.S. Check out this Facebook banner image with Snowden smashing the NSA – feel free to use it!

Snowden Smashing Facebook Banner

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